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Joining your World

To access your custom world on the Atlas Worlds Server, you will need to use the following URL:
Replace "my-name" with your Decentraland name that you set when you deployed the custom world.
This URL is a direct link to your custom world on the Atlas Worlds Server, and it allows you to access and explore your virtual environment directly. The URL is composed of several parts:
  • This is the base URL for the Decentraland Explorer, which is the platform used to access and explore virtual environments in Decentraland.
  • ?realm=: This is a query parameter that is used to specify the realm that you want to access.
  • This is the URL of the Atlas Worlds Server, where your custom world is hosted.
  • my-name.dcl.eth: this is the name of the custom world, it is the unique name that you set when you deployed the world, it can be used with or without the .dcl.eth suffix
It's important to note that this URL is specific to the Atlas Worlds Server, and it will only work for custom worlds that have been deployed to this server. If you deploy your custom world to a different server, the URL will be different.
When you access this URL, the Decentraland Explorer will load your custom world, and you will be able to explore it, interact with other users and experience the content that you have created.
It's important to keep track of the URL of your custom world, as it will be needed in the future to access and share your virtual environment.
The URL provided to access a third-party hosted Worlds server is not user-friendly, but the Decentraland team is working on a roadmap for Worlds that includes adding routing features. These features will allow for the realm to be shortened to a DCL name, which will serve as a reference to the world. This will make it easier for users to access and share their virtual environments, as the URLs will be more intuitive and memorable. The exact timeline for when this feature will be implemented is not yet confirmed, but it will be part of the ongoing development of the Decentraland platform.